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Retained Model

The Kayman Retained model has been designed to give you premium access to the best passive and active talent.

Making it especially useful when you need to make a business-critical hire. We'll work closely with your recruitment managers wherever we're needed to capture the personality of your business.

When it comes to costs, the Kayman Retained model starts with a small initial investment as percentage of the total fee.

But ultimately, you don't just want a recruiter. You want the right hires, so, we've desgined our retained service to offer you:

  • First refusal on all candidates

  • Transparent consultancy sessions pre-hiring

  • Access to a boundless world of candidates

  • Direct headhunts from pre-determined competitor's

  • Shortlisted candidates that have been rigorously screened by our experts

  • Dedicated dual branding and marketing campaigns

You don't need to worry about the rest until we've placed your hire.