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Navigating the Fintech Job Market: Beyond Technical Skills

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about 2 months ago

by Sophie Fogg


​In the U.S., tech firms have let go of 131,000 employees through significant layoffs this year, as reported by Crunchbase. Despite this grim outlook, fintech companies remain actively recruiting. However, a common misconception persists: securing a position in fintech necessitates expertise solely from the broader tech arena.

While this holds true in certain instances, the fintech sector diverges markedly from the realm of big tech. To begin with, fintech enterprises embody a startup ethos, placing greater emphasis on interpersonal aptitudes than their traditional tech counterparts.

The onset of the pandemic witnessed a surge in the fintech industry, fueled by unprecedented funding inflows driven by low interest rates and burgeoning demand for digital financial solutions.

Although showcasing technical proficiencies has traditionally been a gateway into fintech, the current landscape underscores the growing importance of interpersonal competencies. These include a growth mindset, effective communication, dependability, collaborative prowess, and attentive listening. However, a 2022 study conducted by ManpowerGroup indicates that 75% of employers struggle to find talent possessing these attributes.