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7 February 2023 null

The Search Podcast Season 3, Episode 12 - The US Edition 🎧🎙 Released on Wednesday 8th February 2023

Elliott Manning had the pleasure of speaking to Scott Parsons, Managing Partner at Forsyth Barnes about their USA business in New York City.

Founded in 2016 to change the way that Senior Recruitment is delivered, Forsyth Barnes is a multi-award winning Talent Partner specialising in Executive Appointments within Software, Fintech, Sports & eTail industries. They have 2 offices in the UK & an office in New York City, USA.

Outsourcing has proven to be the ultimate solution in accelerating your company’s growth plans, whilst enabling you to focus on your strategic agendas. And with Forsyth Barnes, you’re guaranteed the highest calibre of candidates on the market, as well as a unique product offering to improve your company’s brand image to attract more inbound talent!

The Search Podcast is sponsored by PGC Group. The longest serving employer of record serving North America and they can compliantly engage with contractors on your behalf.

Removing operational complexities, so that you can focus on making your American expansion a success. They provide payroll, insurances, medical, dental, retirement, HR support and manage compliance so you don’t have to.