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9 January 2023 null

​The Search Podcast Season 3, Episode 10 - The US Edition πŸŽ§πŸŽ™

Elliott Manning, Managing Director/Founder of Kayman Recruitment Group will be discussing the USA recruitment market. Salaries, commission, benefits, and his advice when setting up/expanding into the USA.

With offices in London and New York City. Kayman Recruitment are there to help and support the recruitment industry. They are true to their values, they are selective with who they work with. This ensures that they provide clients and candidates with options matching their specifications without compromising integrity. Their aim is to offer you an excellent service and an immensely positive experience so that you recommend and refer them to others.

The Search Podcast is sponsored by PGC Group. The longest serving employer of record serving North America and they can compliantly engage with contractors on your behalf. Removing operational complexities, so that you can focus on making your American expansion a success. They provide payroll, insurances, medical, dental, retirement, HR support and manage compliance so you don’t have to.