Graduate Training Academy


24 January 2022 null Francesca McLeod

Introducing…Kayman Recruitment’s Virtual Graduate Training Academy! A bespoke course designed to teach graduates all the ins and outs of Recruitment. We have partnered with many recruitment firms for this project, to place successful graduates from this academy into their very first recruitment roles.

The Kayman Academy was founded by our Managing Director, Elliott Manning and Graduate Recruitment Divisional Lead, Gemma Johnston, designed to give graduates a head-start in their Recruitment Career. We have also partnered with a renowned recruitment industry coach, Liz Flavell to lead this academy who will cover the fundamentals of Recruitment, covering a range of useful topics that will put our students ahead of other candidates in the market.

Our aim is to equip graduates with the relevant know how, confidence and a solid foundation of skills that will help you to secure your first Graduate Recruitment role with our hand-picked clients.

Liz Flavell:

"I have had such a fun and rewarding career which I want to share and encourage others to. I also want others to enjoy, flourish and love their recruitment careers, just like I do. Before entering the amazing world of recruitment, I worked in surveying for many years, it was dull and grey. I needed variety, targets, creativity, and something to satisfy my overactive brain. Hello Recruitment!!

I have been a Board Director, Business Development Director, Billing Manager, Team leader, Consultant and Trainee. I started my career as a trainee temporary consultant on a cold desk, and grew to a peak to 142, billing £600k at my highest billing year. I quickly moved into management, and I ran a dual desk (Contract & Perm) to ensure I was leading by example for my amazing team to be encouraged and learn from.

I now work across 28 (last count) recruitment firms at various times, with all my work, I am proud to say, is on recommendation. I am instructed mainly to trouble shoot, encourage and coach live within businesses with Senior Management through to Consultants and Trainees. There is only so much we can learn from a handout in a training room. Working live is real, at pace and helps everyone think on their feet. Whether someone has plateaued with their revenue, needs help on a new desk/business venture, deal with a challenging team of people, or just learn what recruitment is in real life, I am your woman."

Throughout this training academy, our graduates will cover:

    • An introduction into Recruitment

    • Who is a Candidate? Where do we find them?

    • What is a Client? What do they offer us?

    • How we sell and market clients to candidates, and candidates to clients at speed

    • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT! How and Why? Targeting a business. Decision Makers

    • HR/Internal Resourcing

    • Permanent, Temporary & Contract Search - What is the difference and how it all works

    • Terms of Business - What are they?

    • Negotiating Fees - How and Why? It's not always about the %

    • Brokering the placement/deal and ongoing

    • Strengthening new and existing relationships

23RD - 25TH FEBRUARY 2022


If you, or someone you know would like to get involved in our academy then please send your CV across to with the subject “Graduate Academy”

Alternatively, you can contact us on +44203 195 3588