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'The Search' Episode 33 with Lee Harding

16 February 2021 null Elliott Manning

Another week and another brand new episode on THE SEARCH PODCAST This week Elliott Manning invited Lee Harding to join him. Lee is the VP, head of technology sales at North Starr which is part of Harrington Starr

North Starr is a recruitment business focused on building world class sales teams for tech businesses.

Having started in recruitment in 2011, Lee has worked his way up in recruitment to not only be a successful billing recruiter but to also lead a team and take on a new brand within Harrington Starr.

2020 was Lee's 2nd best billing year. This was down to his motivation, drive and above all, his leadership. Nothing was going to get in his way.

They spoke about the ups and downs of recruitment but one comment he made during the podcast stood out. He said "you need to fail in order to succeed".

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