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'The Search' Episode 27 with Elliott Manning

5 January 2021 null Elliott Manning

​Happy New Year all!

We are kicking off 2021 with episode 27 of THE SEARCH PODCAST featuring Elliott Manning the director of Kayman Recruitment

We are a recruitment business with offices in London, New York and soon to be in Austin, Texas. We help recruitment companies with their staffing needs from juniors up to board level recruitment candidates across all sectors.

Elliott wanted to share his journey in recruitment and tell you a bit about himself. He shared his experience on 2020 and how he is seeing the market at the moment of recruitment.

It is very unpredictable how businesses in recruitment are going to set themselves up in the future in this forever changing world we currently live in.

With the help Elliott received from Hoxo Media and The Recruitment Network in the past 12 months, He is now striving to be better all the time to help develop the business and his mentality in recruitment/leadership.

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