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'The Search' Episode 24 with Nick Aoun

2 December 2020 null Elliott Manning

What you can achieve IN 4 YEARS of recruitment!

On this weeks Episode of THE SEARCH PODCAST Elliott is joined by a successful and inspirational guest Nick Aoun

Nick is a VP Market Specialist - Head of Services at DSJ Global which is part of Phaidon International

DSJ Global are a leading specialist recruiter in end-to-end supply chain. Founded in 2008.

Nick had a perception of recruitment before he decided to start a career in this industry. He soon realised that there was a lot of money to be made and he would do everything he could to get there.

With the support of his current company and the very good infrastructure around training and development at Phaidon International, he is not only in an incredible position but he has so much more opportunity ahead of him.

Mentoring, training and supporting people that work under him. Nick has got his work cut out. He is a big biller, leader and also a market specialist.

What he has achieved in the last 5 years in recruitment is an inspiration to others.

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