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'The Search' Episode 21 with Helder Martins

10 November 2020 null Elliott Manning

THE SEARCH PODCAST is back this week with an exciting new episode.

To kick it off again Elliott had the pleasure of speaking with Helder Martins. He is the head of flexible technology talent UK & Europe for CPL UK - Tech & Health UK based in London.

CPL UK - Tech & Health Specialist Talent is a part of Cpl UK; a group of specialist talent businesses which service the science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health sectors across the UK. Together they form the UK footprint for CPL Resource Group which is one of the largest staffing companies in Europe.

Helder moved to London, originally from Portugal, to kick off his career in recruitment with 12 years experience in the industry. Listen now to how he approaches recruitment and how he believes it is best to manage his team.

From recent NHS volunteering during a global pandemic, starting a new role in 2020 with big responsibility to working in tech recruitment markets with meaningful benefits to the world, Helder has such an interesting story behind him.

Below is a short clip of Episode 21 of 'The Search'

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