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'The Search' Episode 8 with Dan Shannon

10 August 2020 null Elliott Manning


Episode 08 of THE SEARCH. I was joined byDan Shannon. He is currently working for a recruitment company calledApollo Solutionsbased in London. Dan is a technology focused senior recruitment manager for the business.

He has been in recruitment now since 2005, has always worked in the technology recruitment space and covers the markets across the UK, Europe and the US.

I met Dan when he was in his first job in recruitment back in 2005. He has persevered ever since and worked his way to the top. Dan has worked at small recruitment companies and global recruitment companies. He has seen it all. He is successful in his field, not only being a high billing recruiter but also now in Management.

Dan shared with me his honesty, views and advise for all recruiters/managers out there in the recruitment industry. His views are very insightful for all to learn from and I am so happy he decided to do this podcast with me.

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