Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn – will this affect the recruitment industry?

Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn – will this affect the recruitment industry?

Huge news! Microsoft has announced it is acquiring the professional social networking service LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion! This will be one of the largest deals on record within the technology sector and the biggest in Microsoft’s history by some distance.


The deal is a way for Microsoft to make its mark in the social media business world and their Chief Officer Satya Nadella stated that they will “reshape the company and reignite sales growth.” He continued “the board is urging an even faster shift toward software and services delivered over the internet.”


Experts have forecasted that both marketers and recruiters will profit from the takeover. This is mainly due to the fact that Microsoft has big plans to expand LinkedIn by introducing Dynamics and Office 365 with the sole purpose of creating more opportunities for their users and providing more data. Via the use of these pieces of software there is a chance that LinkedIn can grow and develop into a giant professional CRM with over 433 million users– which is very welcome news for recruiters.


Microsoft has outlined plans to use LinkedIn’s social graph alongside its existing CRM products. This will create a large amount of additional information about users – this can help recruiters to find leads and make deals. Satya Nadella says “it will redefine social selling.”


Moreover, with Skype and Yammer potentially being connected to Linkedin the communication possibilities for users are limitless. Recruiters could even speak to clients over Skype through LinkedIn and get to know them from the comfort of their office chair. This creates a lot more time for the recruiters; as they won’t have to trek all over town meeting potential candidates.


Ben Eubanks;  Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory suggests  “One of the neat ways I see this playing out with integrating LinkedIn into Microsoft’s existing offerings would be having recruiter products automatically connected with Outlook calendars and e-mail.” “Think about how much time we spend going back and forth trying to find calendar times for meetings and interviews. What if it instantly knew when the recruiter was available and offered those times to a candidate?”


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