Healthcare workers from outside the UK must be reassured that they are welcome here

Healthcare workers from outside the UK must be reassured that they are welcome here

Let’s begin with a brief summary of the statistics:


EU Immigrants account for approximately 5% of English NHS staff and 5% of the English population. Across the entirety of the UK the EU immigrants account for 4% of registered nurses and 10% of registered doctors. Non EU Immigrants make up for even larger proportions.


Following last month’s Brexit decision there are reservations that skilled healthcare workers from outside the UK will be put off from working and living in the UK. Restrictions placed on non-EU immigrants have previously affected NHS recruitment. Consequently, this has resulted in many UK healthcare workers fearing that the same thing could happen again in the event that there are to be restrictions on EU immigration.


NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has called for Theresa May to reassure the existing foreign workers within the NHS by letting them know they are still welcome to work in the UK: This call-to-action was vigorously backed by the healthcare recruitment industry.


Moreover, leading figures from the healthcare recruitment sector have further urged the government, by requesting they inform non-UK European Union healthcare workers that they too are still welcome in the country. Until there are assurances from the government, it is in the hands of recruitment agencies to provide the necessary reassurances their candidates require.


Research gathered from HR trade body CIPD highlights that the concerns around working in the UK are not limited to people in the healthcare sector. The data showed that 70% of employers have received concerns from their workforce about their job security, following the Brexit vote.


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