Recruiter vs Machine: Will Recruiters Become Obsolete In The Future?

Recruiter vs Machine: Will Recruiters Become Obsolete In The Future?

There’s a lot of talk recently about the rise of ‘machines’ in the recruitment world. This makes me very uncomfortable; as I’m a huge fan of the Terminator series and I have seen what comes next! In all seriousness, I have read numerous articles about technology potentially replacing recruiters and I thought the topic needed to be broached…


If you work in recruitment, the thought of being replaced by a piece of technology should be both daunting and offensive. You’ve been slaving away for years and all it takes is one shiny new app and suddenly you’re feeling insecure about your position! Well unfortunately this is the way of the world now.


As humans with fully functioning mouths, minds and ears, we can speak to the candidate and gain an insight into their character. We can then use this information in order find them job matches that are in-keeping with their unique specifications. An app can run millions of sophisticated processes and find endless roles for the candidate; but it doesn’t have an imagination and therefore can’t get to know a person in the same way we can.


Additionally, there are personal touches that apps cannot offer. For instance, the recruiter may meet someone who tells them they aren’t currently looking but are quite interested in moving into a certain sector. This requires a gentler approach where the recruiter can touch base occasionally and suggest  outstanding opportunities that are hard to turn down – I’m yet to find a piece of technology that can act in this way.


There are some sophisticated apps on the market, which suggest they can do the lot. I’m yet to review them properly, but some claim they can manage the entirety of the process for the job-searcher making it all seamless and stress-free. We will have to wait and see if this is the case…


My personal experience of working within the recruitment sector (and my research) has led me to believe that no piece of technology can replace a personal touch.


Here Are My Findings:


People Don’t Always Embrace Change:


 Recruitment (in a nutshell) has and always will be about people.  A good recruiter will build a relationship with a candidate/client before conducting business.  All business works better when a meaningful relationship has been forged in the process


Tech Enhances The Experiences, But Doesn’t Replace Anything:


Most recruiters use email, job boards and social media platforms such as LinkedIn these days. Some consider this as lazy recruitment – I label it as modern recruitment.


It is very difficult to function efficiently in this industry without online databases and sophisticated systems. However, the key component to being successful is the relationships we make and maintain.  If that wasn’t the case why would people favour one recruiter over another?


Less Insightful Information: 


There have been lots of new apps finding their way on to the market. The ones that have particularly caught my attention are the ones that have taken the form of Tinder style apps; whereby you swipe left and right to show your interest. This turns the whole process into somewhat of a game.  However, similarly to these dating apps there isn’t a lot of information and you only get a brief overview of the position.


  • Could these apps make an impact presently?   Possibly  


  • Is there any danger of them replacing recruiters? No


 To summarise I Believe The Following:


  • Technology is wholly very impersonal – whereas recruitment is very personal and is centred around relationship building.


  • Replacing people with automated technology and apps is not an approach that will gain a candidates’/clients’ trust. Trust is one of the foundations in which recruitment and all relationship-building professions are built on.


  • Technology is actually the recruiters’ friend. If utilised properly it enhances all of the recruitment processes and coincides perfectly with the personal touches that only human interaction can provide.


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