Recruitment Consultants - Are They Really That Bad?

Recruitment Consultants – Are They Really That Bad?

A recent study revealed that 64% of business executives have found a job at least once in their career via a recruitment agency. If that’s not enough then try this on for size – ‘The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies’ list revealed that one third of the ‘best’ companies to work for are recruitment agencies!


Regardless of this, the recruitment sector is often tarnished with negative press; and this is consequently passed on to the consultants. This doesn’t sit well with me, as many of my colleagues are consultants and they all bend over backwards and work long hours in order to find their clients the right candidates and their candidates the right job!


It has come to my attention that some uninformed people (unjustly) have warped perceptions of recruiters and think they are silver-tongued Machiavellian types! This is a bit old hat now – The recruitment industry offers an important service that is spear-headed by the consultants themselves.


An agency finds suitable people for jobs, not jobs for people –there is a difference between the two and the aim is always to please both parties.


I would like to dispel the negative press by outlining some of the benefits of agencies and recruitment consultants:


Benefits for clients:


  • The act of recruiting people is very time-consuming and intricate, so for many companies it’s a big struggle to find the time and resources to go at it alone. Therefore they trust recruiters to do the leg work.


  • They have more time to concentrate on their business instead of sourcing and qualifying applicants.


  • If both parties are happy with each other then lasting and profitable relationships can be made; where the recruiters will continuously find suitable candidates for the client that are in-keeping with their specifications.


 Benefits for job seekers:


  • Recruiters have an extensive knowledge of the jobs market. They know which companies have the best opportunities and will consider your skills and personality before putting you forward for a role


  • The service is entirely free for candidates! Recruitment Agencies work for their clients and therefore charge them.


  • Recruiters have a large database and network. This means they can find you interesting opportunities that most people would never hear of independently


So both agencies and the consultants themselves are offering a service that both the clients and jobseekers desire… Still think they’re so bad?


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