A Blog About Blogging (I’ve gone all cross-eyed)

A Blog About Blogging (I’ve gone all cross-eyed)

So here it is, a blog about the importance of blogging. For anyone who’s seen Inception it’s like one of those ‘dream within a dream’ moments… Although in this case you’re stuck with me instead of Leo, so perhaps it’s more of a nightmare!


I’m sure you’ve noticed that blogs are everywhere these days.  Upon seeing these various blogs you may have had a moment where you pondered ‘is it worth writing my own one?’ The answer comes in the form of a strong and resounding YES.


Blogging is free, fun and fairly easy…the results are plentiful too. You will drive traffic to your site, attract more customers and also stamp your authority as a current and forward-thinking company. You have to move with the times people…



Not convinced yet? Here are the main reasons you should start writing one:


It will drive traffic to your website – Writing a blog not only gives you the opportunity to provide newsworthy content, but it also gives you a pedestal to plug all of your social media platforms and most importantly your website.


If your business is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other sites us inter-webbians use, then include links in your blog. If your blog is incredible this could result in your audience continuously clicking on your links and going in circles – much like when a puppy chases its own tail! Realistically that won’t happen, but if someone has read your blog then there’s a good chance they’ll take the bait and check out your website afterwards.


It will boost search engine optimisation (SEO) – Search engines need fresh content like we need fresh air! If you consistently upload content then Google and other search engines alike will have more content to ‘index’, and this will increase your visibility. In layman’s terms; this means you will show up in more internet searches and spread your reach further. Capiche?


It Creates Opportunities for sharing – Every time you write a blog, you are simultaneously creating an opportunity for your audience to share it too. This serves to promote both your company and your content. Regardless of whether your audience clicks Like, Share, Retweet , Comment or Email – it’s still free marketing and it still validates your brand.


It helps establish authority – If you want to build trust, develop a voice and earn some loyal followers in the process, then blog-writing is invaluable!


Good business-blogs should provide answers to common questions. If you cater to your audience and post regularly then you will build credibility– the Holy Grail of the blogging world. Over time this will lead to higher customer conversion rates; which is especially important for companies trying to compete with the industry giants!


It helps to develop better customer relationships – Blogs can bridge the gap between you and your customers and add more depth to your relationship – as they have free reign to comment and provide their own opinions to all of your content. By carefully reading and responding to comments (even the negative ones), you will create a rapport with your audience and gain some valuable insight into what your customers are looking for.


Well there you have it…blogging is great and as a blogger I am now cemented into the ‘not entirely useless’ work bracket – massive sigh of relief!


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