We All Like To Be Liked

We All Like To Be Liked

We humans are social creatures and as such we desire positivity, acceptance and friendship. I know that I do…


Most of us will spend a shocking percentage of our lives at work (I won’t depress you with the average figure) – now you’ve Googled the figure and have processed it, don’t you think getting along with your colleagues is worthwhile?


Your first priority at work should be to get the job done, that much is a given. However, it will be a lot more pleasant if you enjoy the company of your peers and endeavour to build meaningful relationships. It could also open doors to bigger projects, raises and even career progression – although the latter may require some advanced apple-polishing skills!


According to the Gallup Organisation, people who have friends at work are more likely to be fully engaged in their jobs; which will undoubtedly be reflected in their work. You don’t have to have a BFF that you share all your most intimate secrets with, but having someone who you can vent your feelings and thoughts to will make your working day more pleasant and productive


Good working relationships benefit both ourselves and those around us. They also improve our creativity; as a happy person has a happy mind, and a happy mind can think more freely and won’t be tied down with negative thoughts.


The size of your company can determine the relationship you have with your co-workers. Naturally a huge company will be separated into departments and sub-teams, whereas a smaller company will be more intimate and inclusive. Whichever type of office you work in, communicating with your peers is equally as significant to productivity, happiness and even employee retention (for all the bosses reading this).


 “How do you build positive workplace relationships?” Well that’s easy…


Be positive and communicative


Stay positive, upbeat and smiley – this will help to lessen yours and the stress-levels of everyone around you. You’ll be amazed when you notice the power that a smile has! Communication is key – voice your opinions, if you have a (suitable) funny story/joke then tell people, if you’re making tea ask if anyone else wants one… you get the gist.


Consciously make an effort


American alternative rock band The New Radicals put it perfectly when they sang “You only get what you give.”


You should actively try to lay foundations to make good working relationships. This can be as easy as complimenting people, avoiding gossip and simply taking an interest.


Be respectful & responsible


This is especially important if (like most of us) you share office-space with others. Work out how your colleagues like to work and be respectful. If Jenny from accounts hates noise then PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT and turn the music down. Even if you don’t necessarily like a particular person the secret is to not let them know that and continue to work in a way that won’t disrupt them. This works both ways; if you have a particular peeve that hinders your work, then you must tell your colleagues. Otherwise you will gradually start to hate the culprit!


Keep your desk clean – If you can’t see what colour your desktop is, then it‘s overdue a tidy-up. Keeping it clean and organised suggests that you’re on top of things and it’s also courteous.


Finally, It’s important to note that we’re all unique, that’s the one thing we have in common… This means you aren’t going to like everyone and that’s fine. You should however focus on people’s positive qualities, not their negative qualities in order to at least get along professionally with everyone.


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