The Importance Of Apprenticeships

The Importance Of Apprenticeships

The significance of finding talented young individuals and developing their skills, so they can drive your business forward (and hopefully be indebted to you and therefore stick around) cannot be underestimated!


Increasing the number of apprentices within your organisation will have a positive impact on the way your organisation works, and more importantly it provides young people with the opportunity to take their first steps in the business world.


Apprenticeship schemes play a key role in producing highly qualified workers and therefore (in my humble opinion) should be higher up the pecking order on the education and training agenda. Much like vocational and technical education, apprenticeships have long been considered as second best to degrees– which is an outlook that must change in order for our young workers to maximise their potential.


Even the PM weighed in on the subject (unfortunately not via an exclusive interview with Kayman); Dave suggests “The greatest asset any employer has is their workforce. And by investing in them, they are investing in the success and future of their business.” Putting my political bias aside, I couldn’t agree any more with this statement.


Many employers reading this may be thinking, that all sounds well and good BUT WHAT ABOUT COST!? Well worry not my friends, as lots of businesses are entitled to subsidies if they hire apprentices, which will further offset costs for wages. It’s common for employers to see a clear economic benefit whilst the apprentice is training (regardless of wage and training costs); this isn’t taking future earnings into account either, for when the apprentice has honed his/her skill-set.


Here at Kayman we definitely practice what we preach, as one of our own workers joined us as a Sales Apprentice. Admittedly, the time we invested was costly and we also had to adapt to being more patient. That however was the extent of our sacrifices, and the lengthy list of pros far outweighs the cons.


We are proud to say that she’s now one of our longest standing employees and an asset to the business. Additionally, she works in a methodical way that benefits every part of the company and makes each process easier for the operations team.


If you’re thinking of setting up an apprentice training programme, then we urge you to go for it. Having a strong apprentice programme is vital to the future of UK business (your business is not exempt)!

This is a short video provided by The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) that highlights some other reasons why apprenticeships are beneficial to YOUR business:


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