You’re Number One – Confidence Is Key!

You’re Number One – Confidence Is Key!

Wouldn’t you like to be more confident and improve your work-place skills in the process? Some of you are probably thinking you’re already plenty confident – in that case this guide can make you more empathetic to those who aren’t.


Confidence and competence tend to work hand-in-hand, so if you want to work to the best of your ability, your confidence levels will play a key part!


WORRY NOT MY FRIENDS; building confidence does not call for a complete personality change. But there are some small steps you can take in order to gradually become more self-assured and confident in your abilities.


Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Put yourself forward for a role/task that will stretch you to your limits; assuming it matches some of your skills of course. Speak at an event, organise an outing or a meeting at work or any other intimidating task that will simultaneously boost your confidence and your CV.


Swat Up – ‘The geeks shall inherit the earth’ – so learn all you can in order to be one of them! Learning more about your role will make you better at your job, and as you become better at your job your confidence will increase – it’s as simple as that!


 Focus On Your Strengths – My research suggests that a good way to improve confidence and self-esteem is to focus on your strengths, rather than dwell on your weaknesses. Be mindful of what you do well and make a conscious effort to improve the other areas that could do with a bit of polishing. That way you’ll end up smashing every task out of the park!


Focus On Your Successes – Remind yourself of all the successful projects you’ve completed and all the positive feedback you’ve received – if this doesn’t apply to you, then you must continue to focus on your strengths (as stated above). Did you turn a difficult task around? Did you meet a tough deadline? Reminding yourself of a past success is a good technique to instil self-worth and boost your confidence in the process.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – If you do make a mistake, acknowledge the mistake and learn from it. Do you have a checklist that you use each time you undertake a task? If you do, amend the checklist so you can’t make the same mistake twice. This sort of thing shows to management that you mean business. It shows structured thought patterns.


Stop Being Self-Deprecating – No-one ever improved by convincing themselves they are bad at something! When you’re consciously tapping into your internal-monologue you should talk about yourself kindly and when you’re talking (out loud) about yourself to others you should use the same approach. If you’re slumping around all day saying “it’s impossible…” you’ll find that it is. A positive mindset will make you happier, healthier and more confident.


Be Inquisitive – ‘There’s no such thing as a bad question’ – whilst any teacher would tell you this isn’t exactly true, it’s always advisable to ask questions if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Never start a task without fully understanding the brief. Better to ask lots of questions (even if it annoys someone) than messing it up and destroying your confidence in the process.


Fake It Until You Make It – When you are faced with a new task or challenge, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit intimidated. However, it is important to be positive and visualise yourself achieving this task – if others can do it then SO CAN YOU. This outlook will not only help you enormously, but it will also make your employers/colleagues trust in your skills.


Be organised – It makes a world of difference. To-do lists, clear inboxes with emails filed correctly, clear desks. It shows a clear mind and all helps for a systematic way of working that breeds self-assuredness.


Smile – ‘You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile’ – Thanks Charlie Chaplin, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Confident people smile. Smiling is infectious and if you give the impression you are happy and confident it will not only build your own confidence, but it will also have a domino effect and cheer up your peers.


YOU could be responsible for a happy workplace – how’s that for a confidence booster!?


If you have any confidence-boosting tips or comments (preferably nice ones), then please don’t hesitate to comment below.


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