‘All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’

‘All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’

Work plays a significant part in all of our lives, this is a fact. Our earnings keep the lights on, put the lamb shanks on the table, keep the car running, pay for the tequilas and fund the retirement.


An increasing amount of us are finding it harder than ever to juggle the demands of our work and ‘play’ lives. How many of you are guilty of thinking about work after you leave, checking work emails from home and constantly talking/complaining about work?


If you fall into this bracket, then the immortal words of Michael Jackson spring to mind, “You are not alone” – in fact you are probably in the majority.


Here are some helpful tips to even things out a bit


* Create a daily routine – This should be followed as rigidly as Moses followed the commandments on Mount Sinai! Include things that will help you regain the balance; don’t check emails when you leave the office, limit how much you talk about work, be present when you are with people,  get plenty of  sleep, plan fun activities, schedule family/friends time, eat right and anything else you think may help you personally…


* Don’t let work get into your head Allow your thoughts to wander, enjoy escaping into a daydream where you win the lottery – anything except thinking about work when you aren’t there! If you don’t permit yourself some personal head-space, then you will burn out and have a breakdown!


*Be active – I’m actually one of those annoying people who enjoys going to the gym, but for a lot of you I realise this isn’t the case; especially if you have a very demanding schedule.  It’s important to make time for the important things in life and exercise is one of those things. You will be overloaded with happy endorphins and energy, which will massively improve your mood.


* Unplug from the Matrix – Technology has helped us in numerous ways, but it has also made it increasingly more difficult to disconnect from everyone! If people from work call you for advice or you can’t help checking in, then you MUST turn off your phone/computer in the evenings or give it to someone else to look after.


* Battle the guilt – You aren’t a superhuman working machine who was put on this planet for the sole purpose of working. You can’t make work your entire life or feel guilty if you don’t want to go to after work drinks, don’t go out for lunch with everyone and most importantly you mustn’t allow yourself to make ANY work decisions out of guilt. Put yourself at the forefront (within reason).


Learn to say “NO Perhaps you shouldn’t shout it as my upper-case lettering suggests – but politely declining a request from a superior/colleague IS allowed. Don’t make decisions out of fear or guilt (as mentioned above). Wouldn’t you rather you use your valuable free time to do stuff outside of work?


* Learn the policies – Enquire about flexitime and working from home. If you’re a trusted worker and a strong performer you will have a better chance of making a mutually beneficial agreement. The worst thing that can happen is your boss says no…


I hope this helps you find some balance in your life and re-claim the important parts that are involuntarily being put in the background.


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